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X68000-X68030 X68000ーX68030

Nemesis '90 Kai - ネメシス’90改


Japanese Name: 
Romaji Name: 
Players/At Once: 
Nemesis '90 Kai
ネメシス’90改 (X68000) シャープ X68000ーX68030
Nemeshisu '90 Kai (X68000) X68000
Nemesis '90 New (X68000) Sharp X68000-X68030
5"2HD Floppy Disk 1.2mb x2 -- Ver 1 -- Horizontal Shoot'em-up
12-11-1993 -- GS-166 -- ¥8800.00



This is the official updated of the MSX game of Gradius II unlike 'Nemesis 94 Gradius 2' MSX which was a fan based hack. This game has some very good graphics and an unusual and unique weapons upgrade system.

Title Screen

The game is based on GRADIUS 2 ( MSX) with it is the same, but there is the somewhat difference.
Development by SPS

Difference of weapon

MISSILE There is only 1 stage.
NAPALM The SPREAD-BOMB of GRADIUS III it has become suitable.
UP LASER There is only 1 stage. Also power is weak.
DOWN LASER There is only 1 stage. Also power is weak.
LASER There is only 1 stage.
OPTION It can be equiped up to 4.
VECTOR LASER Remainder it does not spread, either power is not left over.
FORCE FIELD Like the Arcade edition of GRADIUS it flies from the front.

Difference of enemy

Boss The boss of 2,5 aspects has become original. In addition, it strikes back in the fan shape and shoots the bullet.

Difference of STAGE

ExtraStage The place of the ExtraStage is different.
Hiding Stage When it enters into the ExtraStage, it hides on the returning/repeating road and the Stage appears (all the 2 aspects).
Inside of battleship The Map inside the battleship differs with all battleships.
Returning/repeating road The MAP differs.

Difference of music

Boss Loop position of tune is different.
Stage Arrangement (? Catches. Scandal was caused rather between the fan. Greatly it is the leprosy to the person who made the patch of music. The STAGE3 and the STAGE6 et cetera of the famous musical work especially are different.

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