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Gradius Generation - グラディウスジェネレーション


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Gradius Generation
グラディウスジェネレーション (GBA) ニンテンドー(任天堂) ゲームボーイアドバンス
Guradiusu Jenere-shon (GBA) Ge-mubo-i Adobansu
(GBA) Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Cartridge -- Ver 1 -- Horizontal Shoot'em-up
17-01-2002 -- AGB-P-AGAJ(JPN) RK-256-J1 -- ¥5800.00
Mobile21 Co., Ltd


Gradius Generation

Vic Viper is back!!!!Gradius Generation

Gradius Generation

This game has three different names depending on your world location.


Gradius Generation Gradius Generation Gradius Generation
Gradius Generation (Japan) Came out on 17th January 2002. ¥5800

Gradius Galaxies Gradius Galaxies Gradius Galaxies
Gradius Galaxies (US) Came out on 10th November 2001 $30

Gradius Advance Gradius Advance
Gradius Advance (Europe) Came out on 10th November 2001 £30


One thing I find quite strange is the intro to the game goes like this (with screen shots in the background).

1981 Scramble, 1985 Gradius, 1986 Salamander, 1988 Gradius II

1989 Gradius III, 1997 Gradius Gaiden, 2000 Gradius IV, 2001 ------

I had an idea about Scramble (also made by Konami 1981) it is very much like Gradius but without the options and shields but this seams to confirm it is part of the series (I wonder if it also include Super Cobra, the sequel to Scramble).

The intro does not mean much to the western audience anyway, Gradius was release on many formats (but called Nemesis), Salamander, Gradius II (buy was called Vulcan Venture), Gradius III & Gradius IV on the PS2.

So if people are wondering what Gradius Gaiden is, this is the best Gradius game on any format, is has some of the best music (nice long tunes unlike the arcade Gradius games), two players at once, four different ships and four different weapons to choose from and also lots of speech too. But Konami never gave this a western release, so if you have a Japanese Saturn or PlayStation (or a converted one) you should track this game down.

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