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Thunder Cross - サンダークロス


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Thunder Cross
サンダークロス (AC) コナミ アーケード
Sandaa Kurosu (AC) A-ke-do
(AC) Konami Arcade
PCB JAMMA -- Ver 1 -- Horizontal Shoot'em-up
1988 -- Code? -- ¥0.00


This is the sequel to 'Thunder Cross' which takes the graphics and sound to the limit.

Seven levels of blasting with such a varied display of graphics and weapon's.

The main ship can have up to four drone pods which fire the same weapons but are indestructible. These pods can be moved in and out.

Laser Fires fast and powerful
Flame Lasts a long time
Crush Very powerful explosions
? Points
1UP Extra Life
S Speed UP (only gives you one)
N Noraml shot
V Velocity fast firing
B Boomerang bounces of everything
T Twin fires forwards and backwards


If you have a super weapon and you destroy the weapon ships you get a question mark, do this twice in a row and the next one is an extra life.

Here are some random screen shots from Thunder Cross II.

01 02

03 04

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17 18


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