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Old 29th June 2017, 00:18   #1
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Cameo Tenth freakin' year in a row, AtGames!?

Well, as is to be expected from AtGames, they're pulling another crappy Genesis clone outta their butts. And this time they're not only disgracing the greatness that is the Genesis, they're basing the new one off the Model 1—design-wise, anyway! Same bad emulation is to be expected from the "Sega Genesis Flashback" as they're calling it this year...yeah, like flashbacks come with crappy sound and emulation that all-around misrepresents the real thing! Thanks, but no thanks, AtGames...I'll stick with a REAL Genesis. (Fires up an actual Model 1)
...And it's the tenth friggin' year straight now...AtGames' favoritism of Atari more than confirmed.
Feel free to leave your thoughts down below...who else agrees that after so many years disgracing Sonic, Mortal Kombat, MegaMan, Street Fighter, and many, many other games, and now even ripping off the Model 1's looks, (nostalgia not necessarily ftw) AtGames should be out of business by now?!
...Or at least don't bother with the Geniclones. Or, even better, use some decent goddamn emulation. Ooh, ooh, or...don't bother with emulation and use a good GOAC or clone the hardware well!!

By the way, tl;dr...
F, AtGames are making another bad Genesis clone!
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Old 6th February 2018, 05:41   #2
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Default Re: Tenth freakin' year in a row, AtGames!?

Yeah, they surely should stop doing crappy and poor things.

Recently a friend of mine got one because was cheap as *ck, but what a surprise he got...
It was supposed to be a gift, but it was going to include Super Street Fighter II, what was the problem? The game boots perfectly on any other official Genesis, not on that one, it just makes a purple screen and nothing else...

This is why, I don't really care for clone consoles, unleast they are decent and most of them, are just Android based devices (Like the GPD XD) most of them, are just bad as hell.
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Old 12th February 2018, 05:05   #3
Hugo SL
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Default Re: Tenth freakin' year in a row, AtGames!?

I don't use consoles. I use computers instead. Sorry for re-registering, as Hugo SL. Yahoo banned, my previous email address, so I had to re-register, to this site. I am still Hugo Lowenstein, as before. I wish James, of Gamestone, can transfer my account, to this one. Thanks.
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