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GameStone's Chiptune Collection

This archive contains most of the Gradius related chip tunes I could find.

If you would like to read more about chiptunes then the Wiki below would be a good place to start.

Download GameStone's Chiptune Collection

1st March 2017 - v1.20 - 158MB - Changelog

Chiptune Players

All three programs are portable (foobar2000 has an option to install a portable version on install).

Audio Overload

Almost plays all the formats but the interface is a little poor, does not support m3u playlists or song length data so you have to manually advance to the next song. Mac, Windows and Linux versions are availible.

Doesn't play - sid (Commodore 64), minigsf (Game Boy Advance)

XMPlay (with various native and Winamp plugins)

Most compatible - All formats play

The most versitile player due to the fact it can run its own native plugins as well as the Winamp plugins, also supports m3u playlists.

Best choice for Commodore 64 sid tunes because of the HVSC songlenth database and STIL support, plus the tunes sound better compaired to the foobar2000 plugin.

foobar2000 (with various plugins)

My main music player for mp3 that also plays most of the chip tune formats, also supports m3u playlists.

Doesn't play - ay (Spectrum), minigsf (Game Boy Advance), mdx (X68000)

Infact if you try to play these format the player crashes.


You could use good old Winamp but the programs got a little too bloated and interface has got way to complex, this was one of the reasons I started using foobar2000, which loads faster and has a nice simple interface.

Tools and Utilities

ADPCM Player v1.44h by FastElbJa

This player plays and extracts PlayStation XA files, the site also contains lot of information on the specifications of the various chiptune file formats.

M1/BridgeM1 - Multi-Platform Arcade Music And Sound Emulator - v0.7.8a6 "Tommy Tallarico" Arbee's M1 Homepage - 10/01/2008 - BridgeM1 v0.6.0a14 - Front End - 18/10/2008, Track Listings for M1 - 18/04/2009

GameStone's Unofficial 9th CD for Gradius Ultimate Collection v0.2

GameStone's Unofficial 9th CD v0.2       27th February 2011

All tunes Copyright (c) Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. - 1985-2011

Gradius Ultimate Collection (CD)
12600円 (£98 or $152 approx)
Released 13th January 2011


I was concerned that Gradius Ultimate Collection was missing some excellent
tunes, so decided to make a collection of the missing tunes.

Here's GameStone's Unofficial 9th CD for Gradius Ultimate Collection.

DISC 9-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gradius Generations (GBA) 22 tracks   グラディウスジェネレーション(GBA)…22曲
Gradius Deluxe Pack (PS)…2 tracks     グラディウス DELUXE PACK(PS)…2曲
Gradius Gaiden (PS)…5 tracks          グラディウス外伝(PS)…5曲
Gradius (AC) 1 track                  グラディウス(AC)…1曲
Nemesis (C64)…3 tracks                ネメシス(C64)…3曲
Gradius (C64)…2 tracks                グラディウス(C64)…2曲
Nemesis (ZXS)…1 track                 ネメシス(ZXS)…1曲

Full Track Listing-------------------------------------------------------------

01 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Opening
02 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Title
03 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Option (Morning Music)
04 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Select
05 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Dogfight 1
06 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Meteorite (Stage 1 BGM)
07 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Boss
08 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Dogfight 2
09 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Glass (Stage 2 BGM)
10 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Artificial Galaxy (Stage 3 BGM)
11 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Undeground Volcano (Stage 4 BGM)
12 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Moai (Stage 5 BGM)
13 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Organic (Stage 6 BGM)
14 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Comet (Stage 7 BGM)
15 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Fortress (Stage 8 BGM 1)
16 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Fortress (Stage 8 BGM 2)
16 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Fortress (Stage 8 BGM 3)
18 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Final Boss
19 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - The Final Challenge (Stage 1 from Gradius)
20 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Game Over
21 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Name Entry
22 - Gradius Generations (Game Boy Advance) - Staff Roll
23 - Gradius Deluxe Pack (PlayStation) - Konami Walk Logo
24 - Gradius Deluxe Pack (PlayStation) - DEMO MOVIE
25 - Gradius Gaiden (PlayStation) - DEMO MOVIE
26 - Gradius Gaiden (PlayStation) - PROLOGUE - Male
27 - Gradius Gaiden (PlayStation) - PROLOGUE - Female
28 - Gradius Gaiden (PlayStation) - SOL (Stage 9 BGM 4)
29 - Gradius Gaiden (PlayStation) - LAST BOSS - You Die Here
30 - Gradius (Arcade) - GRADIUS Spare BGM (Unused 2)
31 - Nemesis The Final Challenge (Commodore 64) - The Final Challenge
32 - Nemesis The Final Challenge (Commodore 64) - Beginning Of The History (Dogfight)
33 - Nemesis The Final Challenge (Commodore 64) - Challenger 1985 (Stage 1 BGM)
34 - Gradius (Commodore 64) - Beginning Of The History (Dogfight)
35 - Gradius (Commodore 64) - Challenger 1985 (Stage 1 BGM)
36 - Nemesis The Final Challenge (ZX Spectrum) - Beginning Of The History (Dogfight)


Arcade (AC) Konami - ROM ------------------------------------------------------
アーケード (AC) コナミ

Gradius (Nemesis) - 1985

CBM C64 (C64) Commodore--------------------------------------------------------
CBM C64 (C64) コモドール

Gradius - Unknown - 1986

Nemesis - Simon Pick - 1986
Nemesis Psid

Simon was the programmer of the game and done the intro speech but did not
program the music, the musician for Nemesis and Gradius is unknown.

Salamander - Mark Cooksey - 1986

Salamander has two of the tunes round the wrong way compaired to the arcade

CPC 464-6128 (CPC) Amstrad-----------------------------------------------------
CPC464ー6128 (CPC) アムストラッド


Game Boy Advance (GBA) Nintendo------------------------------------------------
ゲームボーイアドバンス (GBA) ニンテンドー(任天堂)

Gradius Generations - 2002

ZX Spectrum (ZXS) Sinclair-----------------------------------------------------
ZXアムストラッド (ZXS) シンクレア

Nemesis - The Final Challenge - 198?

PlayStation (PS) Sony----------------------------------------------------------
プレイステーション (PS) ソニー

Konami Walk Logo - 1996-1999
Gradius Deluxe Pack - 1996
Gradius Gaiden - 1997

Release History----------------------------------------------------------------

Version 0.2 - 27th February 2011-----------------------------------------------

Increased the volume on Gradius Generations by 7dB as it was way too quiet.

Version 0.1 - 26th February 2011-----------------------------------------------

First Release.


All tunes Copyright (c) Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. - 1985-2011




Encoding Date....: 7th April 2019
Source...........: DVD
Runtime..........: 1x01 54.03 min - 1x02 51.43 min - 1x03 52.12 min
Size.............: Varies
Video Codec......: H.265/x265/HEVC
Video Bitrate....: Constant Quality 20 RF
Framerate........: NTSC 29.970 fps
Resolution.......: 720x480
Aspect Ratio.....: 4:3 (1.500)
Audio Codec......: AAC - 2 Channel - 160Kbps - 48KHz
Audio Language...: Japanese
Subtitles........: English - updated 4th March 2010
Genre............: Anime

    Advert DivX - 13meg
    Basic Saga Salamander "The Meditation of PAORA"
    Advert DivX - 7meg
  • G.S.V. - Game Simulation Video Series
    Konami Shooting Best - Gradius, Salamander, Gradius II
    Advert DivX - 4.6meg


Solar Assault Gradius

Gradius III AND IV Fukkatsu PS2

Gradius V PS2

Gradius V

thanks JUN

Game Boy Advance

Movie by ForteMP3

Game Boy

  • Gradius - Playaround Morimoto.avi - 40MB

もりもと (Morimoto)

Morimoto picks only Speed upgrades and has fun with perfect reflexes. That's certainly something nice to do, because the game scrolls automatically and the player can't affect the speed.