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Gradius Home World グラディウス ホームワールド

Cameo Cameo


Trigon Lightning Fighters

© Konami 1990 -- ¥?

Also Known as: Lighting Fighters (US and EU)


Gradius Gaiden

In Gradius Gaiden on the Formidable Guardians Stage 8, the fourth boss 'Deltatry' is the ship from this game using the two super weapons agaist you (Partical Beam and Dragon Laser).

Trigon (I need a better image than this!!)

Trigon Trigon

You could also say that Dragon Laser is the dragon from Salamander.

Vic Viper bit part

This ship looks like Vic Viper

Trigon Trigon Trigon Trigon Trigon Trigon Trigon

Thanks to King Moai